Boho Bachelorette Party Tablescape

When I got the request from the bride tribe to do a low seating tablescape for the bride-to-be’s bachelorette weekend it was an absolute yes! (I love how it worked out where I got to style her surprise engagement and consult for her wedding—yes this can be a package for you and your wedding—let’s chat, click here).

The maid of honor has such a beautiful deck with a pergola and a lakeside view. The perfect backdrop for a night with your bridal party. I was given the opportunity to do a neutral boho tablescape—one of my favorite aesthetics!

We brought our low seating tables designed by my husband, a rug, throw pillows, lots of neutral dinnerware, dried florals, and personalized place cards from Sam of The Lettering Grove. Did I mention these lovely photos are from Sammi of Sammi Jo Photography.

My Go-to Tablescape Design Steps

1. Clean your table and space where guests will be for your fabulous dinner party

2. Create layers and texture with tablecloths and runners, placemats or charger plates, and your dinnerware(plates, cutlery, glassware)

3. Create varying heights with florals in short and tall vases and candles of different sizes

4. Take a step back to ensure nothing is crooked or misaligned

5. Build the ambiance with music, lighting the candles, and having a fun game or table topic questions for you and your guests

I loved how it turned out and the joy that comes with celebrating people! At this point I’m 7 weeks postpartum and taking a break from event styling and rentals but can’t wait to pick it back up after a few months of maternity leave.

Until next time,

Kimberly (never Kimmy)


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