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Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Hey beautiful people and welcome to Jubilee’s Corner. I wanted to give ya’ll insight on me, the fam, the state of what event styling will look like for Vibology, and what you can expect when you visit.


The foundation that keeps me sane and blessed even when I’m a hot mess is my faith in Jesus!

Seriously though, my heavenly father has been just that—a good good father. He’s the GOAT before he made goats and you will always get some type of spiritual content from me. He literally saved my life—I’ll share more in later blog posts.


My husband, Rhynn (pronounced Wren), have been married 5 years. We also have a six-year age difference. Can you guess who’s older? Yup—it’s me. Honey, I didn’t rob the cradle; I rocked the cradle 😊. The only time our age difference really comes up is when he or I are reminiscing about the past. Like how could you not remember the Y2K crisis, 90’s sitcoms, and all the fashion trends resurfacing on TIK TOK? Nothing new under the sun, except for those who weren’t even born yet.

Our son Theory is three years old and is obsessed with dinosaurs. Any person who talks to him long enough will get a brief synopsis of what happened in Season 1, 2, and 3 of Netflix’s, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous. We have a baby girl coming at the end of October and still haven’t settled on a name.


My fourth baby is my side business, Vibology Events. I launched it in the middle of 2020 and can’t believe how fast the first year flew by. Lots of mistakes were made—like booking a client before you have pricing and contracts in place. But I learned big time and didn’t make that mistake again. Ok, maybe with one other client, but hey the lesson has been learned.

I don’t know who said “know your worth and add tax” but I feel it on a whole notha level! I tried being the vibologist for every type of design style but that got difficult real fast…I can’t be all things to all people. I gravitate towards and love neutrals and earth tones. I love wood, stone, and natural fibers. Bright colors look great on people and in events but it’s not my vibe and it’s no longer a vibe I want to provide to prospective clients.

If you love all things related to Faith, Family, and Creative Entrepreneurship, then you’ll feel right at home here! So, come back for more if that tickles your fancy and stay awhile by signing up for the monthly newsletter where you’ll get freebies, tips, tricks, and hacks in those content lanes.

Until next time,

Kimberly (never Kimmy)


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