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Kimberly Dugan
Jul 26, 2021
I like knowing that someone has been praying for me. Oftentimes, I reflect on all the pitfalls I missed in life and wonder if someone was praying for me. I’ve listened to songs about a person trying to walk away from God but they couldn’t because they had a “praying mother, grandparent, neighbor, teacher, etc.” I’m so thankful that He listened and answered those heart cries and intercessory prayers on our behalves. There are too many testimonies of how prayer completely and utterly obliterated the plans of the enemy, changed hearts of stone to clay, and brought peace to unfathomable situations. Let’s pray together. Please use discretion when sharing personal information that could identify a person. We do not need full names, contact information, pictures, or anything else that would directly link your prayer to a person unless they have given you expressed written consent.
Kimberly Dugan

Kimberly Dugan

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